Meet Aspis
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​​On-chain asset management toolkit for DAO funds and startups
Create your DAO from scratch with your own parameters
Raise funds for your decentralized fund or project
Explore additional liquidity and cash-flow management options
1. Create your DAO fund or startup’s Treasury with ASPIS
And specify the parameters of:
Onboarding terms: lockup, deposit range, accepted currencies

Different fees depending on fund type (onboarding fee, management fee, performance fee and rage quit fee)

Decision-making suitable for your DAO (quorum, min requirement, success rate)

Controlling rules for managers: spending limits and allowlisted wallets

2. Raise funds for your DAO fund or project
After passing our review your project will be added to ASPIS DAO Browser
Investors can connect their wallet, browse funds, sign smart-contract and deposit funds

After investors deposited funds they will get your DAO’s LP tokens which are representing their share of funds in your DAO

Fund’s manager is able to invest collected funds on DEXs, Staking protocols or IDOs / Private Sales

Investors are able to burn LP tokens to get back their share of funds according to the funds rules and commission
3. Manage all your portfolio and participate in Governance from ASPIS Dashboard
Aspis Dashboard simplifies DAO asset management
Choose / skip deals in your fund

Return back funds by burning LP tokens

Track your capital changes

Participate in DAO funds / projects governance via voting

Claim your tokens from Private Sale / IDO participation

4. Trade your allocations or sell your DAO tokens on ASPIS OTC
Automate your vesting, trade allocations and LP tokens on ASPIS OTC
Lock your tokens according to your vesting schedule by uploading .csv file with wallet addresses. Check our vesting tool

Create futures for your unvested (locked) tokens

Buy and sell unvested tokens below market price on ASPIS OTC

Do not lose on rage quit by selling your LPs (share in DAO fund) on ASPIS OTC

Launchpad Release

Project Concept Development

Customer Development

Vestmanager Release

Create DAO alpha

First DAOs onboarding

ASPIS DAOPad alpha


Futures for locked tokens

Create DAO beta

ASPIS Ambassadors program launch

Transition to ASPIS DAO

ASPIS expansion to multiple chains

Lazy & Optimistic Governance enhancement

More mechanics and integrations with other protocols
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On-chain asset management toolkit for DAO funds and startups
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