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Custom On-Chain Vaults For DeFi Asset Management
Passive income vaults with active management
Simple setup and customization
Full transparency and control over your assets
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Launch a Custom On-Chain Vault In Just 5 Steps
ASPIS allows setting up:
Onboarding terms: lockup, deposit range, accepted currencies

Collectible fees: performance, management, entrance, exit

Decision-making and spending rules: quorum and approval rate for voting, spending limits and allowlisted wallets for trading

Integrations with any protocol through WalletConnect

Join Any ASPIS Vault You Like In a Few Clicks

Browse public funds with on-chain history and stats
Connect your wallet, browse funds, sign smart-contract and deposit funds

Get LP tokens representing your share of funds under management

Track real-time performance via dashboard and participate in decision-making

Exit at any time by burning LP tokens in exchange for your share of funds
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Custom On-Chain Vaults For DeFi Asset Management
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