Metafinance: Aspis Educational simulation
Experience the process of building unicorn inside our virtual reality. Control the gaming rules through direct voting and build your reputation with Aspis trust scores
Online space combining virtual reality and blockchain technology
Users control the rules and policies directly through the voting
Trust scores
Earn the reputation through in-game activity and community recognition
Use cases:
Present the Aspis Score within our partners' ecosystem to get external benefits

Get Aspis rewards for growing your score

Use the gained experience in the real world through the Aspis toolkit

Educational simulation of venture economics for new founders and experts
ASPIS tokens and Issue futures
LD tokens are derivatives created on top of locked tokens which gives right to claim real tokens when the timelock will be over
Go to “Issue Futures”
Choose the allocation to issue futures
Create futures on the unvested allocation
Allocation & Vesting Manager
Buy and sell LDs OTC or via ASPIS Marketplace
Trade unvested tokens and get access to the unique allocations
Go to “Buy&Sell”
Explore current offers
Create your order
Get notified upon your request execution
Early-stage DAO constructor
Decentralized governance protocol bringing zero-trust model for investors and transparency landscape for startups
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