Create Portfolio
Will be distributed to top 3 winners and one most believed portfolio
Top 5 will get as first assets under management in USDT
About the portfolio battle
Show all your friends .who is the best fund manager!
Participate in the portfolio battle, show your skill, win prizes, and become ASPIS Official Fund Manager and earn fees from managing the platform’s funds!
Participants register on the platform, choose coins that they consider promising, and create a virtual portfolio of them for a virtual $100,000.
After one week, all participants' "virtual profit" is automatically fixed (or they can swap to USDT anytime earlier), and you can check the leaderboard for the winners!
About A SPIS
ASPIS Protocol .is the protocol for independent traders and investors
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For traders
  • Deploy a custom DAO-fund
  • Connect to leading protocols directly from DAO
  • Showcase your trading history to attract investors
  • Receive performance fees automatically on-chain
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  • Safely invest capital in active or index funds
  • Easily join / exit the fund
  • Track the portfolio performance
  • Initiate/participate in decision-making
For investors
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How to participate
Create and manage your portfolio
See the winners at 8th of Feb
*All participants will choose the most promising portfolios that they believe will outperform others. Try to be in a shoes of investors and see how they choose in which portfolios they would put more money into. Is it low risk? Or is it high reward? The most believed portfolio will get a reward
75 USD
150 USD
275 USD
Top 3 traders
will get 500 USD
Most believed*
portfolio will get 100 USD
Investor’s Choice Reward
Top 5 traders will get 1000 USD Under Management
They will launch first verified funds on ASPIS
2nd of Feb
The campaign starts
From now on, you can rebalance your portfolio leave as it is. Follow the leaderbord up to date results!
8th of Feb
The platform automatically fixes profit/loss for all portfolios and generates the final results table.
ASPIS Launch
Launch of ASPIS Protocol. Winners launch their portfolios as real funds available for everyone to bring real profit to real investors.
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