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Custom On-Chain Vaults For DeFi Asset Management
Passive income vaults with active management
Simple setup and customization
Full transparency and control over your assets
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Launch a Customizable Secure On-Chain Vault
ASPIS allows setting up:
Onboarding terms: lockup, deposit range, accepted currencies

Collectible fees: performance, management, entrance, exit

Decision-making and spending rules: quorum and approval rate for voting, spending limits and allowlisted wallets for trading

Integrations with any protocol through WalletConnect

Join Any ASPIS Vault You Like With Transparent Traction
Connect your wallet, browse funds, sign smart-contract and deposit funds

Get LP tokens representing your share of funds under management

Track real-time performance via dashboard and participate in decision-making

Exit at any time by burning LP tokens in exchange for your share of funds

Browse public funds with on-chain history and stats
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Custom On-Chain Vaults For DeFi
Asset Management